Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A New Call to Action from Jim Kreider

Jim Kreider, MRTA Executive Director, has send out a new 'Call To Action' to all MRTA members regarding the following Missouri Legislative issues:

#1 - Please write your State Senator and ask that HB 478 (Fitzwater/Wallingford) be taken up and passed.  HB 478 reinstates 2.55 after 31 years. This saves the PSRS/PEERS system money and is a tool to us in attracting and keeping the best quality educators in the classroom.

#2 - Please write your State Representative and ask for a YES vote on HCS SCS SB 172The House Select Committee on Education adopted an HCS version of SCS/SB 172 (Romine) on April 23. The HCS includes provisions from several other bills that have been approved by the committee.  The original SB 172 language establishes a career and technical education high school
certificate. MRTA strongly supports both the original bill and the expanded HCS version which includes several other bills  by MRTA.

#3 - Please write your State Senator and ask them to vote NO on HJR 34.  A NO vote is a pro-public education vote.   HJR 34 (Haahr - Springfield) will limit spending for public education.


 Please click HERE to read more about these issues and the latest MRTA E-Newsletter.