Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 2015 Meeting Notes

Senator Jeanie Riddle came to our meeting this morning and visited with us about Missouri government. I, for one, enjoyed meeting her and listening to her perspective on the politics that effect our everyday lives.

Some other highlights...

  • There was $123 collected for the Buddy Bags and a lot of underwear collected for the Undie 500. 
  • Capers - there is an upcoming trip to the Jefferson City prison on October 16. We will tour and maybe drop by the MRTA office. 
  • Don't forget Branson Fun Days coming up. If you are interested, please get your registration in soon. Check the website for more information. Linda McGlothlin was inquiring about anyone interested in going...
  • Maudean Lee has another Painting With A Twist scheduled for November 7. Check our blog out for more information. Registration is online and costs $35.
  • Clubs - The walking club is having a hard time getting coordinated with the weather, busy schedules, and all that goes along with that.
  • The book club will meet October 20 at Carol Willard's house. The book this month is Natchez Burning. Come join us. November book club is at Kathy Hardy's from 6-8 p.m. The book is The Midwife of Hope River. 
  • The Craft Club will meet again in November.  This time we will be making small fabric pumpkins. If you are interested in joining us, please get your $5 to Debby Suchland at Halo and Wings by Election Day (November 3). The $5 pays for the necessary supplies, you don't need to bring anything. Lunch will be provided. 
  • Regional meeting - We put the baskets and the soup/cookie mixes together after the meeting. Thanks all that helped!!
  • The bakers for the day: 
    • Muffins (make 2 dozen) Maudean Jeanette, Kathy, Diana, Zenda
    • Cookies (make 2 dozen) Maudean, Patsy, Bonnie, Kathy, Debbie, Nancy
  • I think everything is in good shape for the day. I will be getting back to you about when we can get in to decorate. 
  • There are only 56 so far registered for the regional meeting. If you are planning on going, please get your registration in to Jane Allen soon.


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