Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Call to Action! Defeat HB 2314: Reduction of Benefits for St. Louis City Retirees

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Jefferson City, MO 65109

April 21, 2016

Call to Action!
Action Required! 
Defeat HB 2314
Reduction of Benefits for St. Louis City Retirees

Dear MRTA:

This is an important CALL TO ACTION. Please act now!  Let's show them our strength in numbers!  This is a terrible precedent for ALL public school educators if passed!    

Suggested note for you to copy and paste into your email:
Dear Representative XXX
As a voter, taxpayer, and MRTA member in your district please oppose HB 2314 (Rep Leara) in the House. HB 2314 will possibly be introduced as an amendment to HCS SB 639 which is on the House calendar, Senate Bills for Third Reading.  MRTA is adamantly opposed to a reduction of benefits for Saint Louis City teachers while at the same time requiring more contributions from them to the system. This is a mid-career change in benefits and sets a terrible precedent for all public school educators. This is breaking the promise made to them when they were hired. HB 2314 reduces the benefit factor from 2.0 to 1.75 and will require teacher contribution increases from the current 5% to 9 % with no COLA allowances. Saint Louis City Teachers also pay into Social Security.
THANK YOU for your time and attention to this important issue. Please vote against any amendment that includes HB 2314-Leara.
THANK YOU for being counted as a member of MRTA!

The #1 priority of MRTA and Public School Personnel is to promote and protect pensions, programs, and benefits of all public school personnel in retirement. United we stand strong!

Jim Kreider
MRTA Executive Director

Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel | 3030 DuPont Circle | Jefferson City | MO | 65109

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