Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LCARSP is  proud to be a part of MRTA (Missouri Retired Teachers Association). 

The Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel organized in 1960 is the only educational organization in Missouri working exclusively for retired school personnel. MRTA will work actively with government and its entities for beneficial legislation. We shall strive to increase membership until all retirees become members, and always foster good fellowship. We will encourage members to be involved in community affairs and work for worthy educational causes. Our mission is to serve and not to be served.

The Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel is a caring, active, and knowledgeable community. Members give their talents and time to support retired and active public school employees. Members strive to uphold and improve the integrity, value, and mission of our public schools, so that all school personnel may live healthy, vital lives and be secure economically, socially and professionally in retirement.

Our motto is “To Serve, Not To Be Served.”

Membership shall be open to retired teachers of public, private and parochial schools, administrators, supervisors, retired school employees, non-certificated personnel who have worked in educational programs, governesses and tutors. Spouses of members, active teachers and others interested in education may become associate members without the right to vote, hold office or represent the Association.


Dues for active, associate and life members shall be determined by the Assembly of Delegates upon the recommendation of the Executive Board. The fiscal year for MRTA begins January 1 and ends December 31. Renewals of membership are due upon receipt of notice in October of every year.  New members paying dues after May 1 may regard their dues paid through the next calendar year.

March 2015 Highlights

In case you missed it..

Meeting notes from March 12, 2015

Our program was about heart health by Dr. Jeremy Talley, DO. Great program!

New/old fundraiser. We will again be participating in the Schwan's Cares fundraiser. We get 20% of our orders from March 19th to May 3rd. 5% for the rest of the year. Please contact Debbie Suchland for further details at:

Sickness and distress: Leo Pagano lost his mother, Bertha, earlier this month and Adell Kirks is recovering from knee replacement surgery in February.

MRTA has donated over $12 million dollars to the state of MO in volunteer hours this year. These hours help us keep our 501-3-C tax status as a non-profit. So, it you are volunteering and miss the meeting, let someone know so we can log your hours.

Our NEW Website, thanks Zenda and Nancy L!! Check out   We are planning on putting the meeting notes on there and not sending out an email. So if you miss the meeting, check out the website!!

Important dates:
Regional meeting @ Troy, October 27th,
Branson Fun Days Wednesday, November 18th.
Legislative Day 2016, February 17th.
And anyone for Bunco? Thursday, March 26, 2015 a Back to School Bash Fundraiser by the Moscow Mills United Methodist Church to provide school supplies for the new school year. Hoping for a LCARSP table... Contact Debbie Suchland for more info.

Watch for the Call to Action emails and PLEASE email, call, etc, your senator or representative asap. These bills move quickly and we don't want to miss the chance to make our voices heard. Strength in numbers!! Sample email is available if you are interested.

Hope to see YOU next month at our April 9th meeting. Our meeting will be held at the Central Office - Troy School District.