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The LCARSP Book Club Selections - 2018 

The group gave Steve Berry's The King's Deception a "Thumbs Up."

Upcoming titles:
  • April 26 - The Sewing Machine by Natalie Fergie

  • May 24 - I'll Be Your blue Sky by Marisa DelosSantos

  • June 28 - The Engagements* by J. Courtney Sullivan

  • July 26 - Ordinary Grace* by William Krueger

  • August 23 - Red Mountain by Boo waler

Several of these choices are available as book kits through the St. Charles County Library and Jan B. has gracious volunteered to pick them up for us.  These are denoted with the asterisks.  There are a couple of titles that we may have to check out at our local library or purchase.  We have purchased some in the past through Amazon at a good price. 

We hope several of these titles interest you and the dates work for you.  We are a low-key group who enjoy reading and discussing, laughing and visiting.  We meet the fourth Thursday, place to be announced. Hope you will consider joining us!                                         

Questions?  Email either or if you would like to be included in our reminder emails or be included in the book order.

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