Thursday, March 3, 2016

LCARSP Craft Group Makes Flannel Blankets

Tuesday, March 1st was a cold and cloudy day outside but inside, eight LCARSP members met and made warm flannel receiving blankets for the local crisis nursery.
After a quick tutorial and lots of 'encouraging coaching,' the group got busy cutting fabric,
ironing and pinning,
and sewing.
Many hands made light work and within just a few hours, the group had over a half dozen blankets completed. 

Around noon, everyone took a break for a DELICIOUS lunch!
Since so much fabric was donated, the group decided to work on more of these 
self-binding blankets at the April 5th get-together.  
If you are interested in joining us, be watching for an email letting you know the specifics. 

When enough blankets are finished, they will be delivered to the local St. Louis Crisis Nursery.  We hope to also take a tour of the facility.

If you are interested in how these these cute blankets are made, here is a link to a youtube video showing the process.
(It will probably take you longer than the 10 minutes Jennie says!)

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